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Hempress Sativa, The Voice Of Reason From Kingston

It's in the hall of the VK, specialized in eclectic and underground programming since 1989, that we attended the concert of singer Hempress Sativa. A first concert in Brussels, and a great success! Both for Jamaican and for her audience, with whom she took the time to discuss and exchange after the concert. The organizers of the event, Skinfama, allowed us to discover this artist live. Her spontaneous attitude and phenomenal presence on stage are representative of the values ​​she conveys. She is a resistant of a militant and socially committed reggae, illustrated wonderfully in the song "No retreat" in a post-mortem duet with Junior Murvin ("No retreat, No surrender." I'm gonna fight till the very last breath ").

His texts are those that are the essence of Reggae "Roots": the reminder of its African roots, the fight against all forms of oppression, the quest for justice and equality ... And it is globally: to know its history and learn from it. Hempress Sativa makes an ideal ambassador of Jamaican musical heritage. She has been bathed in Reggae since her early childhood. His father, Albert Malawi "Ilawi" is "selector" (or "DJ") for the "Jah Love Sound" created in 1974. And his uncle is the famous "toaster" (or "MC") Joe Ranking and figure on the album "Unconquerebel". This album is also released in Dub version and it's a treat. It is produced by Conquering Lion Records, one of the pioneers in the field. Hempress Sativa has a very rich musical background in this vast and heterogeneous genre that is Reggae. The most fashionable modern "derivative" is dancehall, it's a more rhythmic and digital style that is closer to rap. And as for the latter, the trend is increasingly limited to lyrics focused on "slackness" (raw words with sexual connotations) and on guns, violence. Without denying all the dancehall and rap that also have good representatives and good vibrations. Hempress Sativa takes us into a reggae that is both timeless and innovative. She manages to resonate the sounds and spirit of the 70's in modern productions. The song "Boom" is a good example. There is no doubt that this young and talented artist will still surprise us in the future during her next visit, which is already awaited with impatience.

About : "Rude" goes to meet alternative scenes. Reports of various musical styles that break the clichés and explore the counter-cultures. Whether they are artists or collective event organizers, the goal is to highlight actors who are often unknown.

"Rude"? Because raw as music when it is visceral ... As tough and difficult as to lead to an independent project ... Intense and impetuous car like the storm ... Because formidable to overcome ... Rude (boys / girls) is a term describing a subculture developed in the early 1960s in Jamaica.

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