In a time when few are courageous enough to speak up and out about Injustice for people of African descent, it is truly an honor to introduce "Fight For Your Rights". A stance for us to reclaim Integrity and Pride, through self knowledge and love that we may be Proud of our skin. To remember that within our DNA runs deep Irits of Warriors, Royalty and Great Minds; That we are not underlings.

Set to be released on November 2nd, commemorating the 86th Coronation of H.I.M and H.I.H Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen; attended by 72 nations it was an historical moment for a Black King and Queen would to crown together evince that we Africans are of Royalty.

Produced by Conquering Lion Records and Mixed by The Original Dub Master "Scientist" digital distribution by Zojak WorldWide this single will also be available on 7" 45 RPM vinyl  at buyreggae.com

"Some will say I don't see color but when I look into the mirror I can't help but wonder what is it about my color that intimidates?!! Racism does exist and the only way to eradicate is to expose it to light!" If you are not part of the problem, be part of the solution.
 -Hempress Sativa-

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Unconquerebel Is Hempress Sativa's Long awaited Debut LP! It features 13 track and a Collaboration from one of Jamaica's Legendary Dj Ranking Joe. Unconquerebel has Mixes by Hopeton Overton Brown otherwise known as The Dub 'Scientist'. Produced by Chris Lion for Conquering Lion Records; with Ian 'Beezy' Coleman, Devon 'Abdul' Bradshaw and Brian 'Dub Robot' Wallace as Players of Instruments and Engineers respectively. The Official Release date is slated for 1.7.17 for Melkam Lidet Ethiopians Ilibration of Ganna.




"Chance has never satisfied The hope of a suffering people."
-Marcus Mosiah Garvey-